An IT services provider works as a partner to help you prevent and handle IT related risks, such as data loss. Trying to handle your risks yourself could just worsen the problem.

Outsourcing your IT support needs allows you to get the support you need, when you need it. You focus on running your business and your provider helps reduce technology risks so your business doesn’t come to a grinding halt when a disaster happens.

Manage Cloud Migration

There’s no denying that cloud services are ideal for backups and even applications. They’re convenient and you just pay for what you need. However, if you don’t choose the right service provider or set up the service correctly for you needs, you could be placing your business at risk.

Businesses often make mistakes when it comes to cloud services. Your IT services provider, such as DevSoft, understand how to choose the right level of service for your needs, move data over securely and ensure all security related settings are in place to keep data as secure as possible. They also ensure your company has enough bandwidth to handle the sudden influx of online and mobile users accessing your new cloud system.

Prepare For Disaster

One of the top mistakes businesses make with technology is not having a disaster recovery plan in place. What would happen right now if your server room was flooded or your cloud provider was hacked? Do you have a plan in place or would your business stop? Even a small data loss could cost your business tens of thousands.

An IT services provider helps create and execute a custom disaster recovery plan to secure data and get your business back online should the worst happen.

Take Care Of Random Problems

The truth is, you never know what types of IT problems might crop up. What if an employee decides to “help” and changes settings within a cloud-based app that locks out other users? Unless you know what they changed, you have employees unable to do their jobs.

What if you’re suddenly unable to connect to one or more of your cloud services? Wouldn’t it be nice not to lose hours worth of work? Your IT services provider can help minimize down time and take care of those random issues that slow down your business.

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