A popular trend among small to medium sized businesses is outsourcing IT. There’s a great reason too – it’s a cost effective way to get IT support that’s always perfect for your specific business.

You could hire a dedicated IT technician, but what if you don’t have enough software and hardware to keep that person busy? Sometimes, it’s easier to simply outsource and get a support package that customized to your needs.

You Need Support, But Not Full-Time Support

Many businesses don’t have the need for a full-time IT staff. This is probably why 31% of IT services are being outsourced. Why hire someone to sit around waiting for something to do? You still get IT support, but you get it only when you need it. That’s part of the reason why 89% of businesses are happy with their outsourced contracts.

Gain Flexible IT Support As You Grow

Right now, you may only need a few hours of service each week, but what happens when your business starts to expand? A year from now, you may suddenly need 10 hours of support each week. Luckily, outsourcing IT means you get solutions that grow with you. You don’t have to hurry to hire more staff and get them trained. Instead, your provider already know what you need and just increases the amount of support.

Get Objective Advice

IT support services deal with many types of businesses, hardware and software. This gives them a level of experience that you may not get with your own in-house staff. The benefit to you is objective advice when it comes to optimizing the hardware and software for your specific type of business.

Save Money By Outsourcing IT

According to Glassdoor, the average IT administrator is paid over $60,000 per year. Of course, you also have to factor in benefits, such as vacation and insurance. This also doesn’t count the cost of any hardware or software. Outsourcing IT means you don’t have a set salary to pay and zero benefits to pay out. You simply pay a weekly or monthly fee for support, which is usually cheaper for small and medium-sized businesses.

Continuous Support, No Matter What

In-house IT staff are going to take time off. What happens when disaster strikes and your IT employee is hundreds of miles away on vacation? Outsourcing IT means you always have someone available. You never know when you might need support, but your service provider is always ready.

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