Some businesses may tell you there isn’t an IT skills gap, but the truth is, it’s not a myth or exaggeration. For businesses that weren’t prepared, the gap is already causing problems for their growth.

A mixture of different issues is contributing to the growing gap. Overcoming and solving the problem requires businesses to understand IT needs and how to truly retain talent once they find it.

What Is The IT Skills Gap?

Technology changes rapidly and it’s not always easy to keep up. Businesses that aren’t focused on training for existing employees or hiring new IT talent are experiencing a skills gap in IT. While businesses may have open jobs, they can’t find anyone with the right skill set to fit the role. This leaves them without an IT department that will help the business stay competitive.

Noticing The Widening Gap

A study prepared by Burning Glass technologies found that over 550,000 IT jobs still remain open after 90 days. For businesses, this translates to over 50 million days worth of missing IT work due to unfilled positions. It’s statistics like these that prove that the IT skills gap is not only real, but growing wider.

It’s not unusual for businesses to spend months searching for IT talent that meets their growing needs. The longer the search goes on, the longer a business is left trying to manage IT on their own. Currently, 60% of businesses feel the gap is negatively affecting their business.

What’s Causing The Gap?

The next question you probably have is what is actually causing such a major IT skills gap. It’s actually a combination of several different factors, such as:

  • Businesses not understanding actual IT needs
  • Unrealistic requirements
  • Lack of training resources for existing ┬átalent
  • Inability to retain younger talent

Businesses must take the time to understand IT needs and set realistic requirements for hiring the right talent. Since IT needs are constantly changing, it’s beneficial for businesses to invest in training to keep their staff current. This alone helps prevent a skills gap. Finally, millennials aren’t as invested in staying with the same company as the previous generation. Understanding how to retain and engage millennials in the workplace can prevent the growing skills gap.

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