You have multiple options when it comes to productivity suites and apps, so it’s sometimes difficult to know which one is the best for your business.

Microsoft has worked diligently to make Office 365 the best possible choice, especially in terms of security and reliability. Not only is the familiar Office suite now cloud-based, but Microsoft takes security seriously and even has reliability guarantees.

Proven Reliability Published Regularly

Microsoft wants your business to succeed, which means Office 365 needs to be available to your employees whenever and wherever. Naturally, small outages occur from time to time, but Microsoft has a financial guarantee in place to refund money if uptime drops below 99.9%.

To showcase how serious Microsoft is, the company publishes uptime every quarter. Currently, the lowest quarter published on the site is Q1 2015 with an uptime for 99.95%. The last three published quarters are 99.99%. This makes Office 365 a reliable option with minimal down time.

Designed Around Security Development Lifecycle

Office 365 was built and is maintained based on the Security Development Lifecycle principles. This is a process Microsoft uses to ensure security throughout the development process. From exposing potential weak points to going through threat analysis scenarios, the SDL process helps make all Microsoft software as secure as possible.

Microsoft doesn’t own any of your data, either. The cloud-based productivity suite gives businesses complete control over their data. Even should you decide to end your subscription to the service, your data is still yours to take with you. There are also extensive security and privacy controls to ensure no one accesses files they shouldn’t.

Outpacing The Competition

Another clear sign that Office 365 is the more secure and reliable choice is how it’s outpacing the competition. The number one productivity app used by businesses is currently Office 365. Salesforce now sits at number two. This also puts it ahead of competitors, such as Google. Part of the charm is most people are familiar with how to use the apps within Office 365, plus the cloud-based model includes extensive business intelligence tools. This provides businesses with the best of both worlds in a single subscription.

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