Small businesses sometimes avoid the most helpful technologies simply because they’re marketed towards larger businesses. However, there are four popular technologies that benefit small businesses.

These technologies help boost productivity and make it easier to grow your business. Plus, they’re scalable to meet changing needs.

Productivity Apps

Every business needs productivity apps, such as word processing and email. This is where Microsoft Office 365 helps. The cloud-based model means employees have access to the tools they need from anywhere. It also reduces the cost of individual installations and even improves security, as the chief security officer for Armor discovered. Without having to manage everything on-site, you have a more secure and more affordable solution for your productivity apps.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of the best technologies that benefit small businesses. Without the cloud, you’re relying solely on individual hard drives or an on-site server. This is a recipe for disaster and may leave you stranded should any of your on-site hardware fail. Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business is designed to provide a central, secure location for your business’s files. This makes it easier to find the files you need without worrying about on-site failure points.

Collaboration Tools

Large businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from collaboration tools. Even when employees are in the same office, using collaboration software is more efficient for coordinating tasks, quickly updating each other on project progress and seeing what’s left to be done. You can even create logins for clients to allow them to see how a project is progressing and to provide their own input.

While SharePoint is an enterprise level tool, it’s powerful collaboration features make it one of the best technologies for small businesses.

Customer Relationship Management Tool

It might seem like a small business wouldn’t need a CRM tool to manage clients. However, it’s a vital tool for helping convert leads and manage existing clients. As this collection of stats from IBM shows, the CRM market is growing as more businesses of all sizes adopt this technology. Part of the reason for the popularity is because disparate data sources cause 30% of leads to fail, but CRM tools bring all data sources together. SharePoint also works as a CRM tool when properly configured, making it perfect for collaboration and customer management.

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