Your Office 365 Video portal is a highly effective tool for streaming and watching training, presentations, meetings and more. You may already have mastered filming the videos, but managing your portal settings is just as important.

However, you’re able to fully customize your video portal to your business’s needs. From shining a spotlight on certain videos to changing permissions, admins have full control.

Finding Settings

The first step is actually finding your settings. You’ll need admin permissions to log in and change settings. Sign in to Office 365 and open the Office 365 app launcher. Choose Video > Home > Portal Settings.

Managing Permissions

The Permissions section allows you to edit who has Video Admin and Channel Admin permission. Further change who has read and edit permissions per channel in individual channel settings. Everyone has Channel Admin permission to begin with, which means they’re able to create a new channel.  Channel Admins don’t have the same level of permissions as Video Admins.

Creating And Managing Channels

Your Office 365 Video portal isn’t exactly useful if it doesn’t have any videos. Before uploading videos, you need to create channels to better organize files. Of course, you’re able to reorganize videos at any point. The Community channel exists by default, but you’ll want more than one channel if you’re uploading more than a few videos.

Within the Office 365 Video portal, click New Channel to create a new channel. You must be a Channel Admin to do this. For anyone who has owner or editor permissions on a channel, manage the channel further by uploading new videos, editing the thumbnails and changing channel level permissions. Permissions include viewers, editors and owners.

Spotlighting Videos

Within the Office 365 Video settings, choose Spotlight to spotlight the most important videos and channels. Change your spotlight items at any time. These are usually the videos you want employees to see first. For instance, certain training videos might be listed in a spotlighted channel. Choose up to five videos and three channels to spotlight at any given time.

Including Guidelines

Obviously, you don’t want employees to upload videos haphazardly. You never know what type of content might get uploaded. Instead, make your guidelines clear. To ensure everyone sees the guidelines, put a link to them on your Office 365 Video portal home page. Within your portal’s settings, choose Links to guidelines. Add the link to your guidelines so they’re always available.

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